Strategic solutions with a security-first approach

Security is a never-ending lifecycle. We’ll help you identify areas subject to risk, strategically protect your data from attacks, quickly detect and respond to threats, and put a robust recovery plan in place. With a security-first approach, we ensure the integrity of your business is well-protected.

Forward-thinking Security Solutions

Capital Data takes a very structured, strategic approach to security. Our holistic business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) implementation uses proven methodologies that minimize downtime, data loss, reputation harm and financial impact, while helping organizations resume operations quickly and efficiently. In addition, this approach also decreases the likelihood of an incident occurring.

BC/DR planning involves multiple layers that include IT Infrastructure/Applications, Management and Process, and Policies and Strategies. Capital Data will work closely with your organization to create an effective BC/DR strategy that incorporates these layers into the planning process.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

We use the latest technology for secure networks and backups.

Improve Security with Zero-Trust Networks

As users continue to work from anywhere and IoT devices flood networks and operational environments, continuous verification of all users and devices as they access corporate applications and data is needed. To protect networks and applications, network administrators must implement a zero-trust access approach and provide the least access privileges. Implementing zero-trust access includes requiring strong authentication capabilities, powerful network access control tools, and pervasive application access policies.

Applying the zero-trust security model to application access makes it possible for organizations to move away from the use of a traditional virtual private network (VPN) tunnel that provides unrestricted access to the network. Zero-trust network access (ZTNA) solutions grant access on a per-session basis to individual applications only after devices and users are verified. This ZTNA policy is also applied when users are on the network, which provides the same zero-trust model no matter the user’s location.


Securely protect your on-premise or cloud assets with a “next-gen” firewall, purpose-built Web Application Firewall (WAF), DNS or Web filtering, Network Access Control (NAC) or a micro-segmentation solution. Our partnership with leading vendors, first-rate customer care and expert team of architects and engineers can help you reduce your attack surface and maintain a hardened state.

Enhance Your Backup Protection with Immutable Backups

Immutability is the ultimate level of security for your organization’s backups. Immutable backups ensure that your data cannot be tampered with, encrypted, or deleted by anyone, guaranteed for a specific time period chosen by you.

As ransomware attacks become more prevalent, organizations are embracing immutable backups as a powerful solution to safeguard their valuable data.

Rapidly detect compromises and streamline the remediation with automated solutions from our partnerships with industry leading SIEM, UEBA and MDR vendors.

Attack “prevention” is an important concept, but it should still be assumed that at some point the organization will be compromised. In today’s digital environment, it’s become a matter of “when” not “if.” Organizations must have solutions and processes in place to not only detect compromises in an expeditious manner but streamline and automate the remediation of such events.

Get in front of a cyber attack to reduce the impact

When a cyber-attack happens, too much time is lost identifying critical business processes, IT systems, and key contacts. Capital Data, in partnership with Arctic Wolf helps you implement a comprehensive Incident Response plan with a guaranteed 1-hour response time. So, when an incident happens, you have everything in place to help prevent an IT data breach from becoming a business disaster.

Whether it is mission-critical intellectual property, sensitive personal and consumer data, or state secrets, it all comes down to protecting the data.

We’re at the forefront of protecting data—whether on the cloud, mobile devices, or IoT. This includes data access governance, file system security, database security and more.

Deploy “next-gen” endpoint protection, data loss prevention, OS hardening and more to mitigate endpoint risk.

The endpoint remains one of the most popular attack vectors. Why try to penetrate a series of network defenses, when you can just trick a user to download malicious content? Once a compromise occurs, the endpoint is often used as a pivot point to snoop and attack the rest of the network.

To mitigate this risk, Capital Data can assist with deploying endpoint protection, data loss prevention, OS hardening, disk encryption and backup, patching, mobile device management and more.

Protect your users and their identities with anti-phishing and security awareness solutions, multi-factor authentication and identity and privileged access management.

Your users are constantly under attack. They can be tricked, hurried and distracted, and likely lack the sufficient knowledge to adequately protect themselves and the business. Hackers know this. In fact, stolen credentials are the number one method of attack today.

Capital Data has the expertise to assist with a multitude of solutions used to protect users and their identities, from anti-phishing and security awareness solutions, to multi-factor authentication (MFA), and identity and privileged access management.