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Storage solutions designed to fit your unique needs

Securely protect your data with modern, enterprise storage solutions. Analyzing your specific use cases, we design and build storage platforms that meet your business and technology needs—never using a “cookie cutter” approach.


Server architected solutions designed for our most important customer—you

We architect, implement and manage every computing need—using your data and specific business requirements to drive the solution.


Hyper-Converged Infrastructure for faster decision making

We’ll help you reach new speed and efficiencies by building an innovative hyper-converged infrastructure that automates savings and consolidates workloads. Harness the power of your data faster, to make data-driven decisions with a streamlined landscape.

Take Charge of Change


Effectively reduce IT expenses, boost efficiency and agility with Virtualization.

The industry standard, and a core competency for us. We will expertly and efficiently design and implement virtual environment. Your data can integrate with public cloud and co-location data center platforms. Take advantage of our Signature Services for ongoing maintenance needs, and never worry about the system.


We specialize in virtual desktop solutions to deliver seamless virtual end client experiences that are centrally managed for your business use cases. We can provide on-premise solutions in your customer data center, hosted co-location in our data center, or public cloud options to meet all your needs. Use our Signature Services for ongoing support, keeping downtime to a minimum.


We analyze and assess your application use cases. Our engineers will re-platform to containerize your applications— ensuring flexibility, future-proof readiness, and cloud readiness.

Innovation Center

Data Protection—wherever your data resides

We offer powerful, cost-effective data protection solutions that provide faster backup and disaster recovery restoration run on best practice on-premise infrastructure or in the cloud. We guarantee uptime, avoid data loss and in the unfortunate loss of data rapidly recover data.


Network connectivity and reliability are mission-critical to every organization. We design, install and maintain next-generation networks capable of meeting the demands of any organization. Customers look to us for LAN, WAN and wireless needs, managing enterprise networks, firmware updates and more. Contact us to learn more about our Network management offerings.


Security is ingrained in everything we do—a powerful defense

Every solution we architect and engineer starts and ends with security. We believe security is a never-ending lifecycle that includes identification, protection, detection, response, and recovery. We offer automated solutions for each stage, making your IT environments more secure.


Smarter Wireless

Complete Wireless Site Surveys that give you an accurate understanding of your exact needs so you can optimize your wireless networks. The data collection from our on-site surveys allow us to architect a wireless environment capable of meeting the most demanding physical, people and business needs.

Business Transformation

Using data to lead Business Transformation

We seek to understand your business—we believe business should be the force driving the technology needs. We’ll work with you to ensure business and technology strategies align before we propose any solutions. We start with assessments and build strategic road maps. Solutions are tailored to your business, co-authored with you—we immerse ourselves in your business needs to produce organizationally aligned recommendations, with a TCO deep dive to ensure transparency.

Data Driven Architecture™


Every Cloud for your business needs

Whether public, private or hybrid, Capital Data will help you analyze and implement the best Cloud options for your company’s growing IT demands. As the market evolves and changes, rest assured Capital Data is on the cutting edge of all things cloud.