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If you’ve ever worked in an IT department, you know that the big problems hit rarely while the little issues and fixes are a majority of your work. If you polled your IT team, it’s likely that many little problems add up to a full day’s work, and before you know it you need more headcount to cover other major outages and maintenance tasks. Luckily, IT automation and DevOps have evolved to reduce time and overhead associated with all of these smaller issues that add up to hours of your staff’s time.

What Can Automation Do For You?

With all of the little tasks your staff must do each day, it’s hard to imagine a single one that could be automated. However, even if you can’t completely automate them, you can at least add small web-based applications that help reduce time.
Take, for instance, password resets. Many users forget their passwords, need to reset them, or just want to change their current one. The first step is for them to call a help desk, but often the help desk staff don’t have access to reset something as critical as a LAN password. If you have LDAP incorporated, a password change can reset the user’s entire profile password for every system.

The help desk passes the password reset issue to the next level in the support chain, and before you know it a simple password reset takes several hours or even a day or two. Instead of this inefficient behavior, IT automation or DevOps can incorporate a web page that connects to the network to allow a user or an IT person reset the password within minutes.

This is just one example of how DevOps and IT automation can reduce staff overhead and make the entire process more efficient. There are numerous other ways, and all of them depend on your own unique workflow and user demands. Remember that your SLAs are important regardless if you’re an internal IT staff supporting coworkers or an organization that supports end user customers.


A Brief Look at ServiceNow and IT Automation

ServiceNow is an organization that offers optimization of workflows, similar to the example above. In small organizations, it’s easy to disregard inefficient processes. But as the business grows and IT becomes burdened with inefficient workflows, it can be costly and strain IT budgets.

It’s important for IT to review processes and redefine the way they work. The first mistake is usually forcing other departments to work in a way that is efficient for IT, but IT should mold its workflow to the client’s needs. This is where ServiceNow can help your organization. They provide solutions for inefficient IT departments inundated with process flow needs optimization.

Much of ServiceNow’s offerings are automation and reducing overhead. They work with the organization to streamline workflow and turn a rigid workplace into an agile department. They have a number of automation options, but they create apps and integrate structure into an unstructured department.

ServiceNow offers optimization for several areas of IT including security, customer service or help desk operations, service outages and emergency resolutions, and knowledge center organization. Overall, automation can take away many of the mundane, standard tasks and let your IT people focus on more important maintenance.

Of course, IT automation can’t do everything for you. Your staff still needs to maintain systems and fix errors on the network. ServiceNow just makes this process easier for both customers and your staff.

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