A modern IT infrastructure is the foundation of your business success

In today’s fast-paced markets, maintaining a competitive edge requires an infrastructure that can keep pace. Capital Data Infrastructure specialists excel in creating and deploying robust infrastructure solutions that streamline business processes, enhance end-user experiences, and effectively address challenges across internal and external applications.

It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. Be prepared.

Today, every company is threatened by ransomware and physical disasters that can interrupt infrastructure operations, and consequently, business operations. Capital Data designs infrastructure that is resilient to modern-day threats by incorporating data immutability, threat detection and response, and high-availability architecture.

Our process includes data classification and tiering so organizations can understand what is most important to their business. These Business Continuity engagements go deep into both people and processes, not just technology, so every organization can be prepared to react to an event.

Data Protection—The #1 thing every organization needs to get right today

Capital Data offers recovery services to augment incident response during an attack. Our retainer services further extend data protection with business continuity and security program management across the datacenter.

Networking solutions from edge to cloud.

Network connectivity and reliability are mission-critical to every organization. We design, install and maintain next-generation networks capable of meeting the demands of any organization. Customers look to us for LAN, WAN and wireless needs, managing enterprise networks, firmware updates and more. Contact us to learn more about our Network management offerings.

Storage solutions designed to fit your unique needs.

We architect storage solutions to be secure by design. Planning ahead is crucial for protecting your valuable data and information. Don’t risk losing everything you’ve worked for – let us help you build a solid data center plan. With our expertise, we can help you reduce the likelihood of a data disaster and keep your organization running smoothly.

Our best practices for data backup and recovery include utilizing virtualization technologies and emerging data backup software. Some key strategies we recommend to ensure the safety and accessibility of your data include increasing backup frequency, using both external hard drives and cloud storage and maintaining physical backups offsite. In addition, regularly testing and monitoring backups to ensure they work properly is also critical.

Server-architected solutions designed for our most important customer—you.

We architect, implement and manage every computing need—using your data and specific business requirements to drive the solution. Specifically, we have extensive experience in High-Performance Compute for both academic and business applications, generative AI, as well as more traditional general purpose infrastructure.

Effectively reduce IT expenses, boost efficiency and agility with Virtualization.

The industry standard, and a core competency for us. We will expertly and efficiently design and implement a virtual environment. Your data can integrate with public cloud and co-location data center platforms. Take advantage of our Managed Services for ongoing maintenance needs, and never worry about the system.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) — We specialize in VDI solutions to deliver seamless virtual end-client experiences that are centrally managed for your business use cases. We can provide on-premise solutions in your customer data center, hosted co-location in our data center, or public cloud options. Use our Managed Services for ongoing support, keeping downtime to a minimum.

Application — Our application assessments include non-intrusive, deep dependency mapping at the port level to provide customers a visual of their environment and quickly group infrastructure components into application groups. We specialize in choosing the correct application infrastructure and platform for the use case, with expertise in serverless technologies, containerization and traditional application deployment across many platforms.