Data Driven Architecture—a Holistic Approach to IT System Design

Our solution architecture is the culmination of three strengths—our tools, our processes and our expertise.

Optimize your tech landscape based on business objectives.

Our proven approach efficiently and accurately reveals insights into your current IT infrastructure while providing tactical and strategic value through well-crafted roadmaps. Using our proprietary CDInsights™ data intelligence tool, we analyze internal and external data to optimize and align investments, services, and vision.

With our innovative Data Driven Architecture™ framework, we delve into infrastructure analytics and collaborate with you to create a comprehensive visual assessment. This blueprint clearly outlines how our solution will generate value for you both now and in the future.

Our solution architects will work with you to develop a strategic multi-year plan that aligns with your evolving business needs and incorporates the latest innovations. An annual cross-check ensures your organization stays at the forefront of technology, driving sustainable growth and success.

Process, store, and analyze massive amounts of data effortlessly.

Staying ahead of the competition requires high levels of compute and graphics acceleration. With an HPC solution architectected by Capital Data, your organization can analyze very complex data with high performance compute clusters and very specific applications. We’ll implement a software stack capable of performing massive amounts of calculations and data processing.

Common use cases include the manufacturing design process and research in higher education. In manufacturing, HPC has the ability to develop 3D renderings and advanced fluid mechanical processes solutions faster and more efficiently. We have extensive experience in architecting solutions across various manufacturing instances.

Experience high-performance computing and meaningful collaboration with our tailored solutions for research and industrial settings. Our reliable tools connect, automate, and secure your valuable data, while multiple backup and data recovery options ensure the protection of critical information. Trust us to reduce the risk of data corruption data and loss so you can focus on what truly matters—advancing your work.

Effectively implement AI in your organization.

Artificial Intelligence is a powerful tool, but with that power comes concerns about cost, privacy and implementation. We have real-world experience implementing AI, and will lead you through the process.

Understanding the difference between Public Cloud and On-premise

We will help you evaluate the difference between employing generative AI on public cloud versus on-premise, as well as the best practices for deploying AI while protecting your company data. Working with you, we review the architectural challenges of AI and the components that are needed for a successful deployment.

Dell Technologies Titanium Partner

Customize real-time data visualizations across your organization.

Customize real-time data visualizations across your organization.
With extensive expertise in the entire data process, encompassing architecture, infrastructure, and data visualization, we ensure real-time visibility into your business and make data accessible across your organization. We help you turn data into real business value and empower curiosity-driven exploration for everyone in your organization.

  • Software agnostic, we are always working in your best interest
  • We build the reports and visualizations you need
  • We train you on how to use the tool going forward