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Optimize costs while maintaining rapid business continuity

Cloud computing is an exciting paradigm shift in modern data centers, empowering businesses to tap into unlimited resources hosted around the world. The cloud transformation is not only providing companies the ability to have additional domestic and global sites, but it provides unity and visibility into multi-data center environments.

Modern cloud architecture is software-defined, and the data center focus is moving from limitations in computing resources to optimizing spend and cloud economics. Cloud architecture allows businesses to shift from “always on” to “on demand,” enabling companies to utilize burstable compute over a short duration.

The economics of adopting cloud architecture

Cloud-based data centers are continuing their investment in global connectivity, eliminating reliability concerns in poorly connected global regions. Today, we’re able to leverage scalable global backbones in robust cloud environments. It also allows branch offices to connect securely through global connectivity hubs, and use technologies such as SD-WAN to optimize their current internet / dedicated circuit spend.

Public Cloud

Rapidly and seamlessly move to AWS or Azure with expert help from Capital Data.

Public clouds have more robust options. Public cloud vendors have the financial and technological strength to deploy the latest innovations, and continually invest in advancements and new technology. Our system engineers can migrate you to the public cloud, navigating the many steps necessary to configure your systems.

Public Cloud

Private Cloud

Private cloud is the most easily adaptable cloud option, but the sheer number of vendors make evaluating options difficult. We have expertise in understanding the underlying architectures to help make the correct choice and not over spend.

Hybrid Cloud

Utilizing Hybrid Cloud, we can help you build your own cloud, or integrate with public cloud platforms to achieve greater business agility and accelerate time to market. From concept to deployment, we’ll help you execute a cloud strategy that meets to your goals and business strategy.