Choosing the right cloud for your business

Through Data Driven Architecture, we leverage partnerships in public and private cloud environments to provide you with the best service and the right consumption model.

Rapidly and seamlessly move to the public cloud with expert help from Capital Data.

Cloud Architecture – Public Cloud concepts are very different from traditional data centers, and require an application-centric approach. As certified Microsoft Azure solutions architects, we have expertise in designing cloud solutions including compute, network, storage, monitoring and security. We will translate your business requirements into designs for Azure solutions.

De-risk the Cloud — Moving to the cloud is not without risk. You must ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of business-critical applications, while protecting data. Capital Data offers a Cloud Fundamentals course that describes the building blocks and how you can quickly and securely migrate workloads to the cloud.

Digital Transformation – Leverage Capital Data to replatform or refactor applications and processes to live in cloud infrastructure utilizing no-code, containerization and serverless technologies.

We architect where your data lives.

Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence – Data is the key to every business and data locality is key to analyzing data at scale. Capital Data has expertise in ETL, Data Warehousing, Data Lake, and Large Language Models that span public and private cloud, giving you the flexibility to consume these services strategically.

Hosted Services – Capital Data provides services around BaaS, DRaaS and Co-location globally through strategic partnerships.

Our featured partnership is with Data Holdings, a premier tier III+ data center. It’s a purpose-designed, purpose build facility that meets or exceeds nearly every industry standard.

Our Microsoft expertise ensures we are committed to delivering solutions that lead to your success.

As a certified Solutions Partner for Modern Work with Microsoft, we have broad capabilities to help customers increase productivity by shifting to Microsoft 365. Our commitment to training is your assurance that we will deliver solutions that lead to customer success.

Migration Specialists — Experienced in tenant migration, M&A, Google Suite migration and migrating from on-premise Microsoft products to Office 365.

We help clients replatform existing on-premise file servers to Sharepoint, OneDrive and additional cloud file services depending on the need for collaboration and use case. Our experience will ensure the migration is successful.

A Security-First Approach — Keeping your data safe and secure is a priority. We understand the unique nature of Office 365 from backups to document and email protection. We’ll help you implement the appropriate security products, while protecting tag-sensitive data and ensure data isn’t shared with the wrong parties.

We also have proven solutions for archiving and protecting email and documents to meet any compliance requirements.

Endpoint Management — Endpoint management is the practice of authenticating and supervising access rights of endpoint devices. This prevents any external or internal threats from unauthorized access. We specialize in endpoint management through Intune, AutoPilot and SCCM.