Business Partners

Data Holdings

The Data Holdings data center is the only Tier III facility in Wisconsin and the only sovereign data center in the United States.

As the investor in Data Holdings, the Potawatomi Business Development Corporation (PBDC) and the facility designers deliberately set out to differentiate the data center from anything else in Wisconsin. The facility features:

  • An aggressive 1.28 Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) rating to minimize operational costs for our customers
  • Rack power density up to 30kW per cabinet (in consecutive cabinets) enabling customers to plan long-term for any dense storage or virtualization technology advances
  • 100% 2N (concurrent), route diverse power feeds from the utility to the data center floor with an additional power source in the form of an emergency power generator should both utility legs fail
  • Carrier neutral connectivity served by multiple terrestrial and microwave carriers enabling price competitiveness for the tenant
  • Security entrance gate and perimeter fence around the entire property
  • Stable environment with little to no seismic activity, flooding, or extreme temperatures
  • Strict data center design – not a repurposed building


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