The right team, a deep bench and a perfect game plan.

At Capital Data, we develop IT solutions for today that are ready for tomorrow. We collaborate with partners like Dell Technologies to help you collect, organize and optimize your data. After all, that’s the game that will keep you competitive. Dell Technologies


Ready to work through this together.

Please read this brief message from our president, Tim LaMalfa.


Architect your IT to optimize your data.

Data should be at the core of any IT decision. We'll help you collect, access, understand and display your data—so you can work smarter.


IT solutions for today that don't ignore tomorrow.

Our dedicated IT professionals want to understand your business needs and work side-by-side to implement future-proofed solutions.


Capital Data. A powerful defense.

The integrity of your business relies on data security. We approach IT with a security-first mindset, so you can rest assured your data is safe.


We don't measure success in projects, but rather in decades.

We're focused on building IT solutions that help you reach your business objectives through long-term, trusted relationships.


Embracing the difficult.

No matter how complex the problem, there's an opportunity. We've mastered countless situations just like yours.

Put your data to work.

Hardware is the means to an end—data is the heart of your organization. We’ll work with you understand how you collect, interpret and manipulate data. All to provide actionable insights that will transform the way you work.

Data Driven Architecture™